Column Electric Power Steering

The structure of C-EPS can be designed freely according to the space of the vehicle cockpit. C-EPS has better fuel economy than HPS, with more compact structure and better hand feeling. It has been widely used in micro, small, and compact vehicles.

DECO began to develop C-EPS in 2001. After years of research and practice, DECO has improved some high-tech functions for C-EPS, such as active-return, assistant mode switching, fault record and so on.

The core components of EPS -- ECU and sensor are both developed and produced by DECO independently. DECO is able to modify the parameters of EPS at the testing site.

according to the requirements of OEMs.

Applied to Vehicle
  • New Energy Vehicle
  • A-level Vehicle
Competitive Advantages

Can be widely used in various vehicles

Provide multiple assistant modes such as Active-return, high-speed damping, temperature protection, end protection, as well as control functions such as off-hand monitoring and body stability.

Meet the SAE Levels of driving automation L2.5 and can realize intelligent steering functions such as LKA, TJA and APA

Meet the requirement of Automotive Safety Integrity Level 26262

Key Parameter
Max. Output Torque: 25Nm/35Nm
Reduction?Ratio: 16.5
Center Distance of worm & gear: 36mm/41mm
Type of Sensor: TOS/TAS
Crumpling Function: Yes
IP Rating: IP44
Voltage: 12V/24V
Type of Motor: Brush motor
Motor Power: 220W/270W
Max. Supply Current: 30A/40A
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