Recirculating Ball Electric Power Steering

RB-EPS is a special type of EPS whose rocker arm is connected to the steering knuckle of vehicle. 

The torque output by the RB-EPS motor is transmitted to the rocker arm shaft after three stages of deceleration, which respectively are worm & gear, ball screw pair and rack & pinion. The rocker arm shaft then drives the rocker arm to rotate and output torque.

The output torque range of RB-EPS is generally 300Nm~2000Nm. RB-EPS is generally used in mini-trucks and light trucks.

Applied to Vehicle
  • Light Truck
  • LCV
Competitive Advantages

Designed of lightweight, the weight reduced by more than 10%. 

Provide multiple power-assisted modes such as active-return, high-speed damping, temperature protection, end protection, as well as control functions such as off-hand monitoring and body stability.

Meet the SAE Levels of driving automation L2.5 and can realize intelligent steering functions such as LKA, TJA and APA

Meet the requirement of Automotive Safety Integrity Level 26262

Key Parameter
Front Axle Load Applied: 1T~3T
Output Torque: 300Nm~2000Nm
Reduction Ratio: 16.5~20.5
Steering Ratio: 22.277
Total Laps: 4.5~5.2
Rocker Arm Shaft Angle: ±42°~±47°
IP Rating: IP67
Type of Sensor: TAS
Type of Motor: PMSM
Voltage: 12V/24V
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