DECO Solutions
Intelligent driving
Intelligent Driving

DECO has been engaged in the research on X-By-Wire technology since 2011, and it consistently takes the safety of autonomous driving vehicles as own mission all the time. It owns the redundant algorithm for L4 intelligent driving SBW system as well as the L2-L4 hardware platform. Its SBW products meet ASIL-D safety standards, assisting business partners to realize the commercialization and mass production of L2-L4 autonomous driving vehicles.

passenger car
Passenger Vehicle

As one of the first R&D teams for EPS in China, DECO owns 4 core technologies: hardware, algorithms, sensors, and motors. EPS products meet the standards of GB17675-2021 and Automotive Safety Integrity Level-D. It has established strategic cooperation with dozens of leading enterprises in automobile industry and served dozens of autonomous driving teams in universities. By supplying more than 1.6 million EPS to the market, we have been the No. 1 exporter for 8 consecutive years. DECO is aiming to be the independent and leading brand of core automobile parts worldwide.

commercial vehicle
Commercial Vehicle

By owning 4 core technologies -- hardware, algorithm, sensor and motor, DECO began to cooperate with well-known OEMs in China to develop specific EPS for commercial vehicles from 2017. EPS products meet the standards of GB17675-2021. DECO has provided solutions and EPS products to several domestic top OEMs in the field of commercial vehicle. From pickup trucks to large engineering vehicles, DECO provides customized products and solutions to meet the requirements of comfortable steering and safety standard of intelligent driving.

special vehicle
Specialized Vehicle

As the No.1 EPS supplier in domestic specialized vehicle market, DECO provides professional steering solutions for specialized vehicles. With the unique sealed structure, EPS products of DECO is certified IP67 level, which fully meet the precision power steering of specialized vehicles in various road conditions. Through more than 10 years of efforts, DECO has become the second largest supplier of EPS for specialized vehicles in the world and the first in China.  EPS for specialized vehicles are widely used in all-terrain vehicles, forklifts, agricultural machines, and other special-purpose vehicles.