EPS for Specialized Vehicle
EPS for Specialized Vehicle

Specialized vehicles have a wide range of applications, such as recreational driving, agricultural farming, desert, and transport, etc.

These vehicles usually travel on very rough terrain. Therefore, their EPS needs to provide much more power than other equal-weight vehicles to meet the driver's needs.

At the same time, because of the poor driving environment of the specialized vehicles, EPS for specialized vehicles has a high level of waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance and shockproof function.

Applied to Vehicle
  • Patrol Car
  • Sightseeing Cart
  • Lawn Mower
Competitive Advantages

Deco is the first manufacturer to develop EPS for specialized vehicles in China. DECO has begun to export EPS to the US market since 2011. The products have been verified by the market for many years and have excellent quality.

The core parts of EPS, brushless motor, ECU, and sensor are all independently developed and produced by DECO. DECO can calibrate EPS parameters according to the requirements of OEMs.

EPS for specialized vehicles are certified by ECE and CE, obtaining several patents. Our EPS products are widely used in various UTV brands, such as CFMOTO, TGB, Segway and so on.

This series of products can also be applied to golf carts, forklift, lawn mowers and many other models

Key Parameter
Input Torque: 0-7Nm
Motor Power: 220W/270W
Output Torque: 0-39Nm
Voltage of ECU: 12V/24V
Max. Supply Current of ECU: 30A/35A
Type of Sensor: TOS
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