EPS(with brushless motor)
EPS for Intelligent Driving (with Brushless Motor)

A new generation of intelligent driving EPS, adopting 3-in-1 structure, namely reduction mechanism, brushless DC motor and ECU, which is compact structurally and quite easy to install. 

Compared with the previous generation of products, it is reduced by 10% in volume and more than 10% in weight. The products are suitable for ATV, forklift, lawn mower and other applications.

Applied to Vehicle
  • Yacht
  • ATV
Competitive Advantages

Provide multiple assistant modes such as Active-return, high-speed damping, temperature protection, end protection, as well as control functions such as off-hand monitoring and body stability

Meet the SAE Levels of driving automation L2.5 and can realize intelligent steering functions such as LKA, TJA and APA

Meet the requirement of Automotive Safety Integrity Level 26262

Key Parameter
Input Torque: 0-21Nm
Output Torque: 0~100Nm
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