Electric-Hydraulic Power Steering

EHPS adopts PMSM & ECU Powerpack to drive the hydraulic recirculating ball.

EHPS can set the power-assisted curve which changes with the vehicle speed, to solve the problem that HPS cannot balance both the lightness at low speed and steering stability in high speed.

Besides, the problem of poor fuel economy is also solved by separating the steering pump from the engine. 

Applied to Vehicle
  • Heavy Duty Truck
Competitive Advantages

Provide multiple power-assisted modes such as Active-return, high-speed damping, temperature protection, end protection, as well as control functions such as off-hand monitoring and body stability.

Meet the SAE Levels of driving automation L2.5 and can realize intelligent steering functions such as LKA, TJA and APA

Meet the requirement of Automotive Safety Integrity Level 26262

PMSM & ECU Powerpack,Compact structure, easy installation, high protection grade, strong anti-interference ability

High reliability, low cost: save more than 54% cost

Key Parameter
Applied Front Axle Load: 9550kg
Max. Output Torque: 7000Nm
Reduction Ratio: 18.5
Steering Ratio: 17-20
Total Laps: 4.8
Rocker Arm Shaft Angle: ±47°
Type of Sensor: PMSM
Motor Power: 450W
Voltage: 24V
Max. Supply Current: 80A
IP Rating: IP67
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