Electric Power Steering for ATV

ATV is mainly used as recreational vehicle in sandy areas such as beaches and deserts. Most drivers are driving enthusiasts and have high requirements for steering feeling.

Different from other vehicle models, ATV uses handlebar. Compared with vehicles of steering wheel, EPS for ATV requires higher output force and accuracy.

At the same time, since most ATVs are exposed to salt water and sand, the EPS mounted on frame for ATV is required to have a high level of rust and shock protection.

Applied to Vehicle
  • ATV
Competitive Advantages

DECO has begun to export EPS to the US market since 2011. Our EPS products are widely used in various ATV brands, such as CFMOTO, TGB, Segway and so on.

The core parts of EPS, brushless motor, ECU, and sensor, are all independently developed and produced by DECO

According to customer requirements, DECO can realize the forward development of EPS, and design EPS that meets the special requirements of active-return, assistant mode switching and autonomous driving.

EPS for ATV are certified by ECE and CE, obtaining several patents. Products can achieve superior waterproof and dustproof grade, through severe mud test and anti-rust test.

Key Parameter
Input Torque: 0-21Nm
Motor Power: 380W
Output Torque: 0-80Nm
Voltage: 12V
Max. Supply Current: 60A
Type of Sensor: TOS
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